Miss Earth Ireland 2021 Finalists

Abby O'Connell

Miss Abby O’Connell

Sponsored By Luke Parsons Hair Salon

Abby is 20 years old and lives in the beautiful Co. Kilkenny.

She’s currently doing a portfolio course in preparation to study fashion in Dublin next year.

Abby main hobbies include art, fashion and cooking.

She takes a great interest in the effects of fast fashion on our environment, and she wants to use this competition to highlight the importance of making more sustainable clothing choices.

Vivian Birungi

Miss Vivian Birungi

Sponsored By Nixx World

Vivian is 21 years old and is currently studying Creative Computing at IADT.

She is a model in her spare time and has been acting and dancing from a young age and loves to stay active by working out regularly.

Some of her favourite activities include cycling and skipping.

She also loves to express herself through art and has been painting and drawing since a very young age.

She continuously strives to decrease her carbon footprint and contribute to society by becoming more aware of the world around her.

Jess O'Neill

Miss Jess O’Neill

Sponsored By Roosters Piri Piri

Jess is 21 years old and from beautiful County Cork.

She’s currently studying Sociology with Hispanic Studies in UCC and hopes to go on to pursue a Masters in Education.  

Jess is a ballet teacher and has been dancing since the age of 5. She is also a part-time model.

Jess is passionate about reducing her carbon footprint and, in her advocacy for Miss Earth Ireland, hopes to spread awareness on what we can all do to make efforts towards reducing our carbon consumption.

Aoife O'Dwyer

Miss Aoife O’Dwyer

Sponsored By Aoife Feroce Fashion

She graduated from LSAD with a degree in Fashion Design and afterwards set up her own ethical fashion label.

As a fashion designer, her main goal is to highlight the effect of mass consumption and the importance of becoming more sustainable.

In her spare time, she enjoys walking her dog and baking.

Aoife has always had a big love for the natural world and hopes to raise awareness of the importance of Biodiversity and lowering our carbon footprint to help combat Climate Change.

Siobhra Conway

Miss Siobhra Conway

Sponsored By Flower Wall By Nira

Siobhra is a 22 year old mental health nurse intern from Clare.  

Her favourite activities include cooking, exercising and spending time with her cat, dogs and hens.  

She also loves exploring her beautiful county, playing the guitar and singing.  

She’s interested in highlighting the impact humans have on our climate, particularly the impact of fast fashion on the environment

She’s trying her best to live a more sustainable life and challenge herself and large corporations to decrease their carbon footprint and make the Earth safer for all.

Edwina Mullin

Miss Edwina Mullin

Sponsored By David Martin Hairdressing

Edwina is 26 and from Dunmore in Co. Galway.

She’s currently working full-time in a periodontal practice, while also studying for a business degree with Galway Business School. 

She adores singing and music, and started learning the guitar when Covid hit.

She also loves acting and has won awards for it in the past.

Edwina enjoys exploring Ireland with her dog Teddy, and is excited to shine a spotlight on all our country has to offer as a tourist destination.

She is focused on highlighting the importance of reducing our carbon footprint when using plastic in online retail as it has a negative effect on our climate, particularly since the rise of shopping online during the pandemic as so many online stores use plastic packaging.

Ellen Boyle

Miss Ellen Boyle

Sponsored By ÓR Jewellery

Ellen is 24 and from the beautifully scenic hills of Donegal.

She has recently completed her MA in Politics and Sociology from NUIG, following her BA International in Politics, Sociology & Spanish.

Ellen has many interests including yoga, hiking and fashion. What she loves most is travelling around our amazing country to discover the beauty that is available at our doorstep. She also enjoys visiting new and foreign places where she can experience and embrace different cultures.

Ellen believes that there is a general consensus that we need to address climate change, but we feel as though the problem is too big for each individual to have an impact on its deterioration. She wants to highlight how untrue this is and that if each of us made some changes (no matter how small), then together, we could create a significant positive impact on our environment.

Catrin Stewart

Miss Catrin Stewart

Sponsored By Studio 102 Hair & Beauty

Catrin is 20 and from Co. Galway.  

She’s currently studying Sports and Exercise Nutrition at Setanta College, Dublin and hopes to become a physiotherapist.

Catrin’s main hobbies include hiking, working out, running and swimming.  

She also enjoys baking and exploring all that nature has to offer.  

During the competition, Catrin hopes to highlight small changes everyone can make daily in order to help the environment, such as recycling and promoting sustainable alternatives.

Clodagh Cahill

Miss Clodagh Cahill

Sponsored By Bold & Brass

Clodagh is 28 years old and is from our nation’s capital city Dublin.

She is a business development manager for a tool and equipment hire company within the construction industry.

Clodagh has a degree in Animation & Motion Design and still does some freelance design work.

She is also a passionate mental health advocate and uses her online presence to encourage the positive conversation about mental health.

She is a vegetarian and a huge animal and nature lover and extremely invested in raising awareness about climate change and what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint.

Laura Kelly

Miss Laura Kelly

Sponsored By Horkan’s Garden Centre

Laura is 25 and from the beautiful Co. Mayo.

She’s currently working as a Dental Nurse in beautiful Westport, after graduating from Trinity College, Dublin. Laura enjoys going to the gym and loves weight training as it makes her feel strong and confident, and believes every woman should feel confident in themselves no matter what they may do.

She’s a total foodie and likes trying out new recipes . Laura aims to eat whole fresh foods that are sourced locally and also from her our own Polly tunnel. Laura loves spending time with her friends and family, especially her niece and nephew. She also enjoys going for hikes and getting outdoors and exploring new places around Ireland.

She hopes to use this competition to promote ways to be more sustainable and highlight that small changes in our everyday lives can have a big impact on the environment. She says we all have the ability to make a change.

Chloe Rowland

Miss Chloe Rowland

Sponsored By The Twelve Hotel

Chloe is 24 and from Co. Galway.

She’s currently studying to be a nurse at University College Cork.

Living by the sea her entire life, Chloe is passionate about keeping our oceans clean and hopes to use this platform to also encourage others to do so.

In her spare time, Chloe volunteers for the local tidy towns organisation. And she enjoys spending a rainy day curled up with a cup of tea and a thought-provoking book.

A water baby through and through, she loves to swim and kayak.

From the Miss Earth Ireland experience, Chloe hopes to gain extensive knowledge on what can be done to further preserve our beautiful planet.

Caitlin Black

Miss Caitlin Black

Sponsored By Core Hair & Beauty

Caitlin is from the beautiful Co. Tipperary.

She describes herself as bubbly, friendly and outgoing.

Caitlin has a wide variety of hobbies including a passion for Irish dancing, which she’s been very successful in.

She also loves fashion, badminton and picturesque hill walks.

Caitlin has just finished her Leaving Cert and she’s starting a beauty therapy course in September to pursue her dream of owning her own salon.

She feels very strongly about creating awareness for the youth of today about climate change and preserving the Earth. And she believes younger generations aren’t taught enough about this.

Marina Koltova

Miss Marina Koltova

Sponsored By Elfrida Bridal

Marina is 26 and from Co. Galway.

She previously studio journalism and PR and now co-owns a fabulous bridal boutique with her sister.

In her spare time, she loves exploring hiking trails and scenic parts of Ireland, and is always up for a good road trip.  

In the future, Marina aspires to help our world by becoming a sponsor for an orphanage and starting her own charity for disadvantaged children.

Caroline Zoe Dooley

Miss Caroline Zoe Dooley

Sponsored By William Barrett Coach Hire

Caroline is a beauty therapist and make-up artist from Co. Mayo.

She has also studied Fashion Styling and enjoys portraying her various looks on her Instagram page.

Caroline is next going on to study Applied Social Studies and Psychology.

Her hobbies include working out, food nutrition, spirituality, being in nature, exploring beautiful Ireland and spending time with her two little nieces.

Caroline wants to use her platform in this competition to show people how they can minimise their carbon footprint, and also encourage larger corporations to take the bigger steps for this global issue.

Fiona McNamara

Miss Fiona McNamara

Sponsored By The Mental Gladiator

Fiona is 21 and from Co. Clare.

She’s currently studying Social Care at LIT.

Her hobbies include photography, makeup, working out and walking her dogs.

Fiona loves nature and capturing as many aspects of it as she can through her photography.

During her Miss Earth Ireland experience, Fiona wants to educate herself as much as she can on environmental issues and how she can help make a difference.

She is also passionate about mental health and body image and aims to shine a light on what we can all do to be the best versions of ourselves.

Bronwyn O'Connell

Miss Bronwyn O’Connell

Sponsored By Flawless Aesthetics

Bronwyn is 27 and a flight attendant from Co. Dublin  

In her spare time, she loves sea swimming, Gaelic football and Pilates.

Her main focus of Miss Ireland Earth is to educate not just her own generation but future generations about the simple things we must do to protect Mother Earth.

Throughout her journey, she plans to work closely with Keep Dublin Clean, which is an organisation that cleans beaches and surrounding areas. 

As cabin crew and constantly flying around the world, Bronwyn will use this platform to educate people on how to make their flying journey a more sustainable and Earth-friendly one, with a goal of a carbon free aviation sector by 2050.

Saoirse Bourke

Miss Saoirse Bourke

Sponsored By Brown Thomas Galway

Saoirse is 20 and currently studying International Commerce with French at NUI Galway.

She is passionate about learning new languages and experiencing new cultures.

Saoirse has been working in the fashion industry for four years now and she’s delighted to see brands such as Ganni, Veja and Stella McCartney helping to create a more sustainable fashion industry.

She hopes to spread awareness to others on how to become a more sustainable shopper and says it’s vital that we all think about what we buy, and ask ourselves is this something I will wear at least 30 times.

In her spare time, Saoirse likes to stay active by playing Camogie and going for walks. She also enjoys cooking, baking and going for coffee with friends.

Sarah Heraghty

Miss Sarah Heraghty

Sponsored By Aztec Hair Co.

Sarah is a 22-year-old beauty therapist from Galway.

During lockdown, Sarah began a course in sign language, as well as an online course in forensic psychology and criminology, which is something she’s really interested in.

Sarah is a big animal lover and is conscious to support cruelty free beauty and makeup brands.

During the Miss Earth Ireland journey, she wants to raise more awareness of the importance of cruelty free brands, along with highlighting the effects that fast fashion is having on our environment.

Emma Kate Harris

Miss Emma Kate Harris

Sponsored By Studio 1 Hair & Beauty

Emma is 18 and from the beautiful county of Tipperary.  

She describes herself as an outgoing, chatty person and has just completed her Leaving Cert.  

In her spare time, she likes walking her dog, creating fashion content for Instagram and modelling.

During her Miss Earth Ireland journey, she hopes to raise awareness on how young people can take part in recycling old materials into fashion, as well as having fun with new friends and building her confidence

Alex Payne

Miss Alex Payne

Sponsored By Centre Stage School

Alex is 18 and from Co. Cork  

She hopes to study Performing Arts in September.

Her hobbies include art, songwriting, dancing, listening to music, and exploring hidden gems in the Irish countrysides.  

She wants to use her Miss Earth Ireland platform to inspire people to take charge of putting the Earth first and urge large companies to do the same.  

Alex also says it’s vital to find a safe and sustainable way for fast fashion to become more environmentally friendly.

Nira O'Gorman

Miss Nira O’Gorman

Sponsored By Silverbacks Gym

Nira is 21 and from Co. Kildare! She was born and adopted from Thailand but has lived in Ireland all her life.

Nira is currently studying for a BA in Sociology and Psychology at Waterford IT and hopes to then progress on to primary school teaching. She has a huge love for kids and has eanted to be a primary school teacher since she was in primary school herself.

Her biggest hobby is horse-riding and she’s been competing since she was 4 with Carlow Pony Club. Nira works part-time in JD Sports in Carlow and in her free time, she loves to spend it with her friends and family, and listening to music, especially Abba (her all time favourite). 

Nira entered Miss Earth Ireland because she wants to prove to herself that she’s capable of doing things completely out of her comfort zone that she’s always wanted to do. She loves what Miss Earth Ireland stands for and can’t wait to learn more about the environment and improving our planet.

Vanessa Kate

Miss Vanessa Kate

Sponsored By Mannix & Co. Solitictors

Vanessa is 19 and she is currently studying Law in Waterford Institution of Technology. She has been working at Mannix and Co. Solicitors to practice what it takes to be a solicitor as it’s been her dream and a huge aspiration she hopes to achieve.

Vanessa likes to take pictures of her old clothes and list them on Depop in order to give them a second life instead of throwing them away. This is her way of aiming towards a sustainable future as she believes this makes a huge impact on waste management leading to less pollution. She intends to inspire others to do something similar to help aim towards a sustainable future all over the world. She does this by speaking to her friends and try to influence them to shop second hand and reuse.

She finds mental health important as it affects a lot of people due to the vast variety of mental health needs and therefore likes to help around. She has done the Knocknagoshel Pattern Rose before. This pageant was to raise funds for The Kerry Hospice Foundation which is a voluntary organisation which helps to provide funding and support for palliative care services in Kerry. In her spare time she likes to read books, play football, spend time with her friends and on the side is a part-time makeup artist. She would also love to travel the world someday.